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Synergy Migration Service is a boutique migration practice providing onshore and offshore migration service to individuals and companies applying for temporary visa, permanent visa,

business visa, skilled worker visa family visa, and those transiting from temporary to permanent Australia visa.

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Employer Nominated Visa

Employer nominated visa offers a number of options for skilled workers to work in Australia for an eligible Australian employer who nominates them for a position in the company.

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Business Visa

Business visa offers two predominant pathways for successful business talents to invest in, develop and manage their business in Australia while attaining permanent residency.

Family reunited in Australia.

Family Visa

Family migration visa allows eligible persons to sponsor their family members to join them in Australia on a permanent basis.

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Skilled Migration

Skilled migration has numerous pathways to allow skilled workers who wish to live and work in Australia. This visa type works on a points test system and is a gateway to attain permanent residence in Australia.